Thursday, May 10, 2012

Correct Usage of English Words - 2

Below are some English words that are often used incorrectly:

Beside Versus Besides

Beside means next to while besides means in addition to.

Practice Test:
1. Five boys (beside, besides) Johnny went to the gym.

2. Clarita sits (beside, besides) me in my physics class.
3. (Beside, Besides) physical injury, the suspect was also charged with trespassing.
4. Will you please stand (beside, besides) my son while he is singing?
5. Professor Dela Cruz teaches Philosophy (beside, besides) Anthropology.

Few Versus Less

Few is used only with countable nouns while less is used with noncountable nouns.

Practice Test:
1. Marge spends (few, less) time on her garden.
2. My mother bought (few, less) pencils.
3. (Few, Less) sugar is added to the rice cake.

4. Always put (few, less) salt to your cooking.
5. His wallet contains (few, less) dollars.


Besides vs Besides
1. besides
2. beside
3. Besides
4. beside
5. besides

Few vs Less
1. less
2. few
3. Less
4. less
5. few

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