Thursday, July 26, 2012

English 101: Good and Well

Good is an adjective. As such, it modifies a noun.


1. Maria is a good dancer.
2. He is a good lawyer.
3. Mrs Cruz is a good teacher.

Well is usually used as an adverb.


1. Thomas writes well.

2. Mr Santos teaches very well.
3. They dance well.

However, well is occasionally used as an adjective only when it means to be in good health.


1. Juan is sick but now he is well.
2. Don't come to school until you are well.
3. Don't worry. I am well.

Practice Test

Supply good or well in the following sentences.

1. Mrs Cruz is a ________ teacher. She teaches _________.
2. He speaks French _______.
3. They don't understand him _______ when  he speaks rapidly.
4. When you don't feel ________, take a nap.
5. These exercises are ________ for us.
6. Mrs Johnson was sick for a few days, but now she is _______again.
7. Her brother is also a ________ tennis player.
8. Today's weather is very _________.
9. This new pencil writes ________.
10. His parents congratulated him for his ________performance.


1. good; well
2. well
3. well
4. well
5. good
6. well
7. good
8. good
9. well
10. good

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