Wednesday, July 4, 2012

English 101: Possessive Adjectives

Possessive adjectives are words that modifies a noun by attributing possession or sense of belonging to someone or something. They are also called possessive determiners. Possessive adjectives should agree with the gender or number of the subject.


1. Mario knows his lesson well.
2. I will meet my mother in the station.

3. The boys ride on their bikes.
4. We want our steaks well done.

5. Sheila takes care of her baby sister.

Practice Test:

Supply the following sentences with the correct possessive adjective which refers to the subject of the sentence.

1. Mary always enjoys ______ music.
2. I write a letter to ____ father.
3. The dogs wags ____ tails.
4. Johnny and I do ____ homework together.
5. We like ____ sports.
6. Mr. Santos rides on _____ new motorcycle.
7. You often get good grades on _____ tests.
8. You and I spend a lot of time on _____ school project.
9. The baby tries to get _____ bottle.
10. They meet _____ new teacher in the corridor.

1. her
2. my
3. their
4. our
5. our
6. his
7. your
8. our
9. its (if the gender is not known) his/her (if the gender is known as the case may be)
10. their

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