Friday, August 10, 2012

English 101: Past Tense of Regular Verbs

Past tense of regular verbs is usually form by adding ed on their simple forms.


cook ==> cooked
treat ==> treated
climb ==> climbed
work ==> worked

I worked yesterday.
You worked last Monday.
He worked last month.
She worked this morning.
They worked in the farm.
We worked hard.

Please note that regular verbs have the same form in all persons of the past tense.

Regular verbs ending in e have their past tense by adding d only.


live ==> lived
advise ==> advised
love ==> loved

Regular verbs ending in y have their past tense by changing y to i and add ed.


study ==> studied
carry ==> carried
pay ==> paid
fry ==> fried
try ==> tried

Practice Test:

Supply the past tense form of the verbs in parentheses:

1. Mario (listen) to the music of Madonna last night.
2. He (arrive) late for her Math class.
3. Nora (marry) her first love seven months ago.
4. John (study) his lessons seriously last semester.
5. We both (like) the movies last night.
6. They (paint) their house yellow.
7. The seminar (last) about three hours.
8. I (wait) almost four hours for Bernard.
9. Maria always (want) to learn Japanese.
10. Gertrude and I (watch) television until one in the morning.


1. listened
2. arrived
3. married
4. studied
5. liked
6. painteed
7. lasted
8. waited
9. wanted
10. watched

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