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Learning Strand 1 – Communication Skills – ENGLISH - ELEMENTARY

1. Melba and I ______ breakfast every day.
A. eats          B. eat           C. does eat             D. ate

2. Juan _____ know much about karate.
A. do not       B. has not     C. does not            D. have not

3. ______ she know how to read?
A. Does        B. Has          C. Do                      D. Is

4. We always ________ mass on Sunday.
A. attend      B. attending  C. attends               D. have attend

5. My dog Snowy ______ me smile.
A. make        B. makes      C. has make           D. have make

6. The airplane landed _______ on the runway.
A. shyly        B. carefully    C. safely                D. warmly

7. I was scared whenever the taxi driver droved ______.
A. slowly       B. gently       C. recklessly                    D. repeatedly

8. John waited ______ for his friend to arrive.
A. closely      B. patiently  C. hurriedly             D. kindly

9. Anna made this stick house _______.
A. herself     B. itself         C. himself               D. myself

10. Raul and I will paint the whole gate _______.
A. themselves         B. yourselves          C. ourselves           D. myself

11. The wound healed ______ quickly.
A. herself                B. myself                C. himself               D. itself

12. Each of the students ____ responsible for doing his or her assignment in the library.
A. is                       B. are                     C. have                   D. has

13. My pair of glasses ____ black.
A. are           B. is             C. has          D. have

14. Everybody _____ welcome to attend my birthday party on Saturday.
A. was          B. were         C. is             D. are

15. My little sister dances ________.
A. the most gracefully        B. more gracefully   C. gracefully                    D. graceful

16. No doubt, John is the ___________ of them all.
A. most intelligent  B. most intelligently           C. more intelligently D. intelligently

17. The coconut tree is ________ than the banana tree.
A. smaller     B. prettier     C. taller        D. slower

18. The food here gets ______ every time I come.
A. worser      B. good         C. worst                  D. worse

19. I have _____ time than usual.
A. little          B. many        C. less         D. good

20. Father thinks the room looks ______ if we paint it yellow.
A. well          B. very good           C. better      D. more better

21. Which sentence is correct?
A. The three tiny brown mice ate my pillow case.
B. The brown tiny three mice ate my pillow case.
C. The three brown tiny mice ate my pillow case.
D. The tiny three brown mice ate my pillow case.

22. It was a/an _____________ coin.
A. ancient, gold, Mexican
B. Mexican, ancient, gold
C. ancient, Mexican, gold
D. gold, ancient, Mexican

23. The fans are eagerly waiting for their idol to walk ______ that door.
A. into           B.  by           C. through             D. on

24. Don’t leave your food uncover ____ the table.
A. on            B. besides     D. in             D. over
25. The boy scouts are afraid to go farther __________.
A. through the mountain    B. by the river         C. in the hills D. into the woods

26. Mr. Castro felt tired whenever he walked _________.
A. through the street         B. by the street       D. at the street        D. down the street

For item 27: Read the following statements and answer the question.

 Making Homemade Soap

I.  Pour the mixture in the mold and check your soap after one day.
II. In the pint jar, add the coconut, olive and olive oils and heat in the microwave.
III. In the mixing bowl, add the herbs, essential oils and other ingredients.
IV. When both the lye and the oils are at the right temperature, pour the oils into the mixing bowl.

27. What is the correct sequence in making homemade soap?
A. III, IV, I, & II        B. II, I, IV, & III        C. II, IV, III & I         D. III, II, IV & I

For item 28 – 30: Read the selections and answer the question. (Source:

Every morning when I get up I eat breakfast, brush my teeth, comb my hair, get dressed and make my bed. After that, it is my job to feed the dog in the morning. Then, I can read or play until it is time to walk to school.

28. The main topic of this passage is:
A. What time I eat breakfast
B. How my brother helps me get ready for school
C. My morning activities
D. Riding the bus to school

Every night the moon looks a little different. This is because as the moon moves around the earth, sunlight shines on different parts of the moon. The part of the moon that the sunlight is shining on is the part of the moon we see. The moon goes through four main stages. The first quarter moon, full moon, third quarter moon, and new moon are the four stages. It takes about 29 days for the moon to finish all the stages. If it is a clear night, look in the sky. You will find the moon in one of its stages.

29. This passage is mainly about
A. why the moon looks different every night.
B. why the earth moves around the sun.
C. how the sun can be seen in the evening.
D. how the moon is different from the sun.

Today was the last day of school before summer vacation. The students of Mr. Dela Cruz were very excited. Mr. Dela Cruz was trying to teach how to divide fractions but the students were kept on drawing on their papers and talking to each other. He gave a warning but nobody listened. Eventually, the students’ recess time was cut in half.

30. What is the reason why the recess time of the students is less than usual?
A. They preferred to stay inside their room to chat.
B. It was raining outside.
C. They were not paying attention to Mr. Dela Cruz’s teaching.
D. It was the last day of school.

For item 31 - 33: Read the selection below and answer the questions.

          (1) Juan loves his dog Brownie very much. (2) He feeds him on time every day. (3) When Brownie gets dirty, Juan bathes him with soap and water. (4) He also brings him to the park to run and play with him. (5) Juan thinks that Brownie is the best dog in the world.

31. Which statement/s is/are the main idea of the selection?
A. 1              B. 2 & 3                  C.  1 & 5                 D. 5

32. What is/are the supporting detail/s of the selection?
A. 2 & 3        B. 1 & 5                  C. 2, 3, & 4             D. 5

33. What statement is an opinion?
A. 1              B, 2                        C. 5                        D. 2   

For item 34 – 38: Read the selection below and answer the questions.

The sun was top on Melba’s head when she arrived home from school. She has just begun checking quizzes when she heard repeated siren. She went outside and saw billowing smoke coming from a house in a distant.

34. What time of the day it is?
A. early morning      B. noon        C. late afternoon     D. evening

35. What is the profession of Melba?
A. mother               B. teacher    C. student               D. checker

36. From where the siren is coming from?
A. ambulance          B. fire truck C. police car            D. did not mention

37. What was happening outside?
A. There is a tornado.        B. There is a typhoon.      
C. There is a fire.             D. There is an accident.

38. What will Melba probably do?
A. She will return inside their house and continue checking the quizzes.
B. She will inform her family about what is happening, gather important documents, and prepare to move out when needed.
C. She will stay outside and watch what was happening.
D. She will go near the troubled house to get a closer look.

For item 39 – 40: Read the poem below and answer the questions.

Jose Rizal

Josephine, Josephine
Who to these shores have come
Looking for a nest, a home,
Like a wandering swallow;
If your fate is taking you
To Japan, China or Shanghai,
Don't forget that on these shores
A heart for you beats so high

39. Who do you think is Josephine?
A. mother             B. sister                 C. girlfriend        D. name of a ship

40. Whose heart is beating so high?

A. the swallow’s            B. the author’s     C. Josephine’s      D. the captain’s

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