Monday, April 30, 2012

Advice To Those Who Failed in the Oct 2011 ALS A&E Exams

For those who did not see their names on the list of passers of the ALS A and E Tests given last October 2011, be positive and don't lose hope. There are things that you should you do to make sure that you really did not pass the test.

1. Check your name thoroughly in the list. Check it both in the Elementary and Secondary Level.
2. Check your middle name. Maybe they posted your Middle Name instead of your Surname.
3. Verify with DepEd if you see your First and Surname correct but not your Middle Name.
4. If you feel that passed the test but your name was not on the list, you can inquire about your test results with the DepEd.
5. After all the above has been done, re-enroll in the program and pay attention to the subject matters of which you failed.     As I mentioned here, even though you got a perfect score in the multiple choice but your essay/sanaysay was full of errors, you will get a FAIL mark.
6. Visit this site for reviewers and sample tests.