Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Make Brushing More FUN with Minions!

Brushing teeth is one of the many oral hygiene practices that growing kids must learn. With the right guidance from parents, visit to the dentist can be minimized. 

To attain that pearly white teeth and fresher breath throughout the day, moms and dads should consider the best toothpaste and toothbrush for their youngsters. With Colgate-Palmolive, the headache of choosing the right brand of toothpaste and toothbrush for 2-5 years old and 5-9 years is now eliminated.

With the new Colgate Minions Oral Care Pack for your kids, brushing is more fun for the family. The colorful Colgate Minions toothbrush with the right handle and brush together with the cooling and refreshing taste of Colgate Minions toothpaste, getting those white and cavity-free teeth is easy. Brush together as a whole family with the Colgate Minions toothpaste and toothbrush and experience how fun it will be.

My nephew Timtam and niece Bella will surely love brushing their teeth with Colgate Minions toothpaste and toothbrush!

The Colgate Minions Oral Care Pack can be purchased here:

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