Tuesday, October 25, 2011

ALS A & E October 2011 Results

Yesterday, 24 September 2011, is the last day for the October 2011 Alternative Learning System A & E Test. I guess most of the candidates who took the test just said "thank you" that it's over. However, the tension begins to boil until the release of the October 2011 ALS A & E Test Results. Last year, the results was released in February 2011. I guess DepEd shall do the same next year.

In the meantime, those who are sure that they "made it" especially those who are planning to take college courses should register and take the entrance exam of the school they are planning to enroll. If the high school diploma issued by DepEd is the problem, you can talk to the Registrar and tell him/her your situation. Maybe they will accept you to take the test but you will only be officially registered if you submit your documents from DepEd.

At this time, review for your college entrance examinations. Most colleges and universities focus their entrance exams on English, Mathematics, Verbal & Abstract Reasoning.


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