Wednesday, May 30, 2012

English Lesson 1 - The Verb 'To Be"

The present tense of the verb "to be" are:

1. am = is used for the first person pronoun - I.
    Example: a) I am a boy.
                   b) I am a student.

2. is = is used for singular noun such as boy, woman, school, Johnny and singular pronoun such as it,he, she.
    Examples: a) Maria is beautiful.
                    b) He is my classmate.
                    c) It is warm today.

3. are = is used when the subject is plural and for the pronouns - we, they and you.
    Examples: a) We are old classmates.
                    b)  The teachers are busy with their lessons.

Practice Tests:  Supply the correct form of the present tense of the verb "to be".

1. The weather today ____ bad.
2. You ___  a liar.
3. Henry and Johnny ___  cousins.
4. We ___ brothers.
5. I ___ a student.
6. She and Maria ___ both good singers.
7. It __ a mistake.
8. They ___ both teachers.
9. The sky ___  blue.
10. He ___ a smart boy.


Sunday, May 20, 2012

Philippine Educational Placement Test on June 12, 2012

For those who did not pass the Alternative Learning system (ALS) Accreditation and Equivalency (A and E) examinations given last October 2011, you still have the chance to get your elementary or high school certificate by taking the Philippine Placement Test (PEPT) to be given on June 12, 2012. You can register at  DepEd's division offices nationwide from March 5 to May 25, 2012.

For more information, please read the press release below from DepEd website:

MARCH 15, 2012


DepEd opens registration for placement test

The Department of Education is opening the door for out of school children and youth to go back to formal school or land a job by offering the 2012 Philippine Educational Placement Test (PEPT).

“Our modest contribution to nation-building is to give our youth a fighting chance to succeed in life through the placement test,” said Education Secretary Br. Armin A. Luistro FSC.

The test result will determine the grade or year level appropriate for the test taker. PEPT covers all grade/year level from  Grade 1 to Fourth Year high school so that takers can have a chance to move to the next grade or year level  or even complete basic education in just one examination. “That is possible if they are doing home schooling or if they have acquired enough knowledge and life skills,” Luistro explained.

The exam covers the regular DepEd curriculum which are English, Math, Science and   HEKASI for elementary and Araling Panlipunan for high school. They could also be given a certificate of rating attesting that they are qualified to go to high school or college depending on the score they obtain.

Interested parties may register at DepEd’s division offices nationwide from March 5 to May 25, 2012. The documentary requirements are Form 137/138, birth certificate and two 1 x 1 pictures. The division testing coordinators are directed to submit the actual number of registrants to DepEd’s National Educational Testing and Research Center (NETRC).

“We want the test takers to upgrade their academic level so that when they pass, they can re-enter the formal school system, land a job or even get a job promotion,” added Luistro.

PEPT registrants are encouraged to avail of learning modules prepared by the Bureau of Alternative Learning Systems, the Bureau of Elementary Education and the Bureau of Secondary Education or any other learning resources available in DepEd’s regional or division offices. They can use these learning modules to review before the exam or even after as part of their continuing education. 

The exam will be administered for free on June 12, 2012, as part of DepEd‘s celebration of the country’s 114th Independence Day.


Friday, May 11, 2012

Comments After the Release of the Oct 2011 ALS A&E Exams

Here are some of the comments of the passers and non-passers of the Alternative Learning System (ALS) Accreditation and Equivalency (A and E) Exams of the Department of Education (DepEd) of the Philippines:
i was surprised that many of us did't pass the exam, nakaka lungkot isipin pero sa totoo lang bakit ganon anong ng yari sainyo? parang pang grade 5 lang ito at karamihan sa tanong ay halos commonsense na lang ang dapat paganahin, nagulat ako ng binilang ko ang naka pasa sa district namin 300+ over ilang libo? i just wonder how did this happened? nag isip na lang ako na siguro marami ay nag habol sa oras na binigay sa kagustuhang umuwi at lumabas na sa room minadali na ang pag tetest, as i remembered ung english and tagalog ay iisa lang kung baga ung english tinagalog lang di po ako nag yayabang dito or what what im just saying is that you waste another year or chance na makapasa dito, the essay was kinda tricky ako tagalog sinulat ko pero sa nakita ko dapat lang ang sinagot natin lahat dun ay kung ano ung naiisip natin na tama kung ano ung mas mabuti at higit sa lahat dapat sinulat nyo mula sa kung ano ung nadadama nyo i know its kinda corny pero yun ang totoo, this was my first time to get the test i have a hearth problem i stoped about 2 years ago when i was on my fourth year in high school, i was happy when i knew that i did passed the test at the same time i felt sad for others, i hope next time others will get pass too. Shadapakap kuya salamat po sa inyong link na ibinigay :* mwah mwah chupchup hehe....

slamat kai god nkpasa ako welcome college life ka tense hihi 
tnx a lot kay god and sa ALS at DEPED. .enrolled na ko sa college . .so happy and excited. .godbless!!^_^ 
Goodmorning Deped officials, what if we want to see the test papers? Would it be possible and How? We just want to justify and clear things up if my brother not really deserve to pass this exam. Thankyou so much for those who will spare time to reply in this message. Godbless. 
Maaring makuha ang Certificate/Diploma sa pinakamalapit na Dep-Ed division sa inyong Lugar o di kaya kontakin mo yung ALS Coordinator nyo dyan sainyong Lugar.
Maari ring tumawag sa Bals Central Office ng Dep-ED. Tel # 6355193.
Usually mga 2 Weeks bago makadating ung Certificate sa mga Dep-Ed Divisions. ung Diploma maybe One Month.
Pero, kahit Certificate lang kaya mo na makapagenroll o di kaya makapag apply na ng Trabaho.

Congratulations! to all !!
Good Luck sa Atin Lahat.

 ask q0h lng p0h if naka pasa p0h b ung " Jezreel Alzona " and " Diana Rose Mariano " ?? . please reply asap ;S . 
Correct me if I am wrong but I did not see both of your names in the list of passers in the Elementary and Secondary Level.... (Admin)

Kung tama po yan ang Buong Pangalan mo na nasa itaas. ikinatutuwa kong sabihin na Pasado ka. maari mong makuha ang iyong Certificate sa Nearest Dep-Ed division sa inyong Lugar o di kaya kontakin mo yung ALS Coordinator nyo dyan sainyong Lugar.
Maari ring tumawag sa Bals Central Office ng Dep-ED. Tel # 6355193.
Usually mga 2 Weeks bago makadating ung Certificate sa mga Dep-Ed Divisions. ung Diploma maybe One Month.
Pero, kahit Certificate lang kaya mo na makapagenroll o di kaya makapag apply na ng Trabaho.

Finally i got the result... nakapasa ako congrats me......ang saya-saya ko...naiiiyak ako, hindi na naabutan ng asawa ko na nakapasa ako... ang ganda pa naman ng plano namin,anyway kahit wala na sya ipagpapatuloy ko pa rin pangarap ko para rin sa future naming mag-iina nya na iniwan nya...thanks kay sir Bernabe Briz...kung di sa inyo baka hindi na po talaga ako mag-aral pa... 
ALS exams seems very subjective...why place the multiple choice part of the exmas if it will still be the essay part w/c will be the determining factor for examinees to pass? why not just place just all the essays then? at least there will be no hard feelings towards those who did not pass because they failed to pass the essay...

not all people are really fond or good with essay writing. why should this part of the exam will carry the most weight in determining whether or not should an examine pass the exam?

couldnt the deped make a better matrix for the exams? I really believe this is a really lame type of examinations. For those that are not blessed w/ academic intelligence but are blessed w/ either technical or artistic intelligence wouldnt have an iota chance of passing then... 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Correct Usage of English Words - 2

Below are some English words that are often used incorrectly:

Beside Versus Besides

Beside means next to while besides means in addition to.

Practice Test:
1. Five boys (beside, besides) Johnny went to the gym.

2. Clarita sits (beside, besides) me in my physics class.
3. (Beside, Besides) physical injury, the suspect was also charged with trespassing.
4. Will you please stand (beside, besides) my son while he is singing?
5. Professor Dela Cruz teaches Philosophy (beside, besides) Anthropology.

Few Versus Less

Few is used only with countable nouns while less is used with noncountable nouns.

Practice Test:
1. Marge spends (few, less) time on her garden.
2. My mother bought (few, less) pencils.
3. (Few, Less) sugar is added to the rice cake.

4. Always put (few, less) salt to your cooking.
5. His wallet contains (few, less) dollars.


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Oct 2011 ALS Passers Versus K-12 Program

It has been announced by the Philippine Department of Education (DepEd) that beginning school year 2012-2013, the implementation of Kindergarten to Year 12 or K-12 Program. In this regards, many passers of the Alternative Learning System (ALS) Accreditation and Equivalency Exams (A and E) exams given last October 2011 are wondering whether they have to take the additional 2 years (Year 11 and Year 12) of high school. As I understand it, those who passed the Secondary Level do not have to take the additional 2 years of high school. This is because those who graduated from the normal high school scheme this year can go straight to college. Since the ALS passers also got their diplomas this year, they have the same privilege as the normal high school graduates.

What I do not know right now is whether those who will take the ALS A and E exams this year shall have the same privilege as last year's passers. Is the diploma they will get next year correspond only to fourth year high school (junior high school)? If so, do they have to take another exam for the Year 11 and Year 12 (senior high school)? If not, what will be the coverage of the exams this year? These questions will be the dilemma the 2012 ALS takers will face. Does the Bureau of Alternative Learning System (BALS) has been advised by DepEd with regard to the implementation of K-12 Program and its corresponding impact on the mechanics of this year ALS exams?

DepEd, particularly BALS should address the above concerns before the next ALS A and E tests to be given in October or November 2012.