Friday, August 17, 2012

English 101: Relative Pronouns: Who/Whom, Which and That

Relative Pronouns are pronouns that introduce a relative clause. They relate to the word that they modify.

Who refers to people and the direct or indirect object form of who is whom.


1. The woman who called her is her mother.
2. Juan is one of the students who went on strike.
3. To whom did you give my umbrella?
4. The professor with whom I studied Economics last month got married this morning.

Which refers to specific animals or things.


1.The glass which you broke is mother's.
2. The car which you borrowed is not mine.

That refers to animals. things or persons as a class.


1. This is the house that Jack built.
2. Is this the book that you wanted?

Practice Test

Supply the correct form of the relative pronoun in the following sentences.

1. Is this the doll ____ you made?
2. Mr. Cruz was the driver ______ drove the limousine.
3. To _____ did you give my pencil?
4. The boys _____ are in your class are intelligent students.
5. Was it Johnny _____ gave you these roses?
6. The movies _____ we watched this week were all good.
7. The boy with _____ you brought here last week was in hospital.
8. The dog ______ barked all night was Mrs. Castro's.
9. The lady with _____ you treated last nigh is my sister.
10. The candies _____ you sold us were all expired.


1. that
2. who
3. whom
4. who
5. who
6. that
7. whom
8. which
9. whom
10. that

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