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1.  Aling Linda divided her bilao of kakanin into 24 equal parts. She gave 9 parts to her neighbors and 8 parts to her children. If she ate 2 parts, what part of the kakanin is left?
A. 3/8           B. 19/24        C. 5/24         D. 17/12

2. During weekends, Natoy is selling fruits in front of their house. Last Saturday, he earned Php 245.00. He wished to earn Php 355.00 on Sunday but instead he earned Php 65.00 more than that amount. How much is the total earnings of Natoy?
A. Php 665   B. Php 600    C. Php 535   D. Php 310

3. Alpha has an initial deposit of Php 2,500.00 in the bank. Last month, she also deposited Php 3,500.00. Today, she plans to withdraw Php 1,750.00 in the morning and deposit twice that amount at noon. How much will be her bank balance at the end of the day?
A. Php 4,250           B. Php 11,250         C. Php 6,000           D. Php 7,750

4. There are 310 students at Mababang Paaralan ng Sagrada Familia. If 3/5 of them are girls, how many of the students are boys?
A. 248          B. 124                    C. 186                    D. 62

5. Two-thirds of the students passed the NSAT while 1/5 has pending results. How many students already failed the test if there are 120 students who took the NSAT?
A. 16            B. 24            C. 80            D. 40

6. The door of a house looks like a _______.
A. circle        B. square      C. triangle     D. rectangle

7. The shape of a water basin is usually ______.
A. round       B. square      C. triangle     D. rectangle

8. Mang Andoy will travel to the north tomorrow. Today he is preparing all the things that he needs for the long trip. He will bring two Early Warning Devices. What do you think they look like?
A. oblong      B. square      C. triangle    D. round

For item 9 – 11, refer the line graph below and answer the questions.

(Image from

9. What does the line graph represents?
A. It shows how long a car travels.
B. It shows how far a car travels over time.
C. It shows that it requires more time to travel far.
D. The more distance your travel, the more time you need.

10. What can you say above the speed of the car?
A. The speed is different every time.
B. The speed varies throughout.
C. The speed is uniform throughout.
D. The speed depends on time.

11. What do you think is the distance in kilometers after 5 hours?
A. 45            B. 50            C. 55            D. 60

12. Natoy is holding a 5 ½ yards of string. How long it is in inches?
A. 16.5         B. 495          C. 264                    D. 198

13. Aling Criselda is jogging at a speed of 5 kilometer an hour. How far in meters she is from the starting line after 3 ½ hours?
A. 175,000    B. 17.50        C. 17,500      D. 1,750

14. Mang Inggo is making special cookies for his daughter’s birthday. He needs 12 kilos of flour to make these cookies. If one kilo is equivalent to 2.2 pounds, how many pounds of flour does he need?
A. 26.4         B. 13.2         C. 264                    D. 2,640

15. Mang Gusting can make 24 buntal hats in 2 weeks. How many weeks does he need to make 312 buntal hats?
A. 13            B. 26            C. 156                    D. 6.5
16. Aling Tanya can cook 12 banana cues in 15 minutes while Aling Lucy can cook 8 banana cues in 10 minutes. How many banana cues can they make in 1 hour and 45 minutes?
A. 84            B. 33            C. 252                    D. 168

17. If 2 cups of coconut oil can make 32 bars of soap, how many bars of soap can 7 cups of coconut oil make?
A. 112           B. 224          C. 64            D. 448

18. A 3 liter pail can fill up a 200 liters drum in 6 hours. How many liters can this same can fill up in 8 hours?
A. 88.89        B. 150          C. 266.67      D. 300

19. Annabel got 60 correct answers in a 80-item test. What percent did she get?
A. 33.33%     B. 75%         C. 85%         D. 60%

20. Seventy percent of the students like spaghetti. 40% of these students are girls. If the total number of students is 150, how many boys like spaghetti?
A. 63            B. 42            C. 45            D. 90

21. Cindy can type 45 words per minute. If she is typing a manuscript of 3,000 words, what percent of it can she finish in one hour?
A. 75            B. 85            C. 90            D. 66.67%

For Item 22 – 25, study the circle graph and answer the questions.

22. If there are 200 students in the survey, how many of them chose Science as their favorite subjects?
A. 30            B. 90            C. 60            D. 45

23. How many students prefer Math and English?
A. 60            B. 90            C. 110                    D. 120

24. How many students like English more than Filipino?
A. 30            B. 15            C. 25            D. 35

25. How many students did not choose Science as their favorite subject?

A. 70            B. 140                    C. 30            D. 60

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