Friday, March 25, 2011


1. Ano ang iyong hahanapin sa silid aklatan kapag gusto mong magbasa tungkol sa Saudi Arabia.a.       a.
a. Diksyunaryo          
b. Ensayklopediya       
c. Katalogo ng mga awtor       
d. Mapa

2.   . Alin sa mga sumusunod ang tumutukoy sa isang pagpapahayag ng kuru-kuru o opinion ng may akda.?         
a.    a. Sanaysay              
b    b.Alamat                     
3.   .  Maraming Pilipino ang ningas-kugon sa kanilang mga gawain.                                
a.madaling magalit                                         
b.masiglang-masigla lagi        
c. Madaling magsawa                                     
d.masipag hanggang katapusan

4.      4We _____ in Malibay for six years.
a.had lived                 
 b.has lived    
c.have lived       living

5.   . Sometimes, I just sit by the beach and watch people walk by _______.
a.walk slowly              
 c.least slowly               
d.most slowly.

6. Dianne want to attend the party ___________ she was not permitted by her mother.
a.       and                                    
b. but                          
 c. or                             
d. So

7.    It was the shipping clerk who issued the ______________.
a.       receipt                   b. recep                        c. receip                       d. Receit

   Read the selection. Then answer the questions that follow.

The use of unprescribed drugs like cough syrup, tablets, capsules, suspensions and suppositories is very dangerous. It can cause death. The use of these drugs is most injurious to the heart and nervous system. One should always get a doctor’s prescription to use drugs.
8.      What is the appropriate title in this selection?

a.       Capsules               
 b.Nervous system        
c. Dangerous drugs     
d. Unprescribed drug

9.    .  Unprescribed drug means ______________.
a.       Medicine not recommended by doctors   
b. Medicines bought from drugstores
c.      Medicines recommended by doctors        
d. Medicines used by herbiolarious.

10.  What is the best medical advice in the use of drugs?
a.       Get doctors’ prescription                          
b.   Read literatures about the use of drugs
c.      Buy medicines from the drugstores                      
d.  Get medical advice from friends

11.  The doctors are looking for specific medicines to control this virus.
a.       Bacteria                 
b. Poison                     
c. Cell                          
d. Disease

12.  Which words are correctly syllabicated?
a.    Diag-ram               
b. Uni-on                    
c. Pre-am-ble               
d. Dia-lect

13Tonsilitis _________ swelling of the throat.
a.       Cause                   
 b. Causing                   
c. Caused                    
d. Causes

14. They are trying to ____ crease their energy consumption.
a.       Mis                                   
 b. In                             
c. Not                          
d. Post

15.  Which of the following is a simple sentence?
a.       Smoking is an expensive habit and it can cause lung cancer.
b.      Birds and tree, squirrels either find a hollow tree for a home or build a nest on the branch.
c.       Do you love to cook or do you just love to go shopping?
d.      Parents send their children to school because they want them to be successful later.