Thursday, November 23, 2017

ALS K to 12: Learning Strand 6 - Digital Literacy

Those Alternative Learning System (ALS) learners who have not taken the Accreditation & Equivalency (A&E) test on 19 or 26 November 2017 will have additional Learning Strand in their studies. Learning Strand 6 - Digital Literacy will be included in their modules in line with the K to 12 curriculum of regular students.

ALS learners are expected to demonstrate the following knowledge and skills after the completion of their studies and before the A&E test:
  1. knowledge of digital concepts and operations
  2. using the internet and digital system networs
  3. using Information & Communication Technology (ICT) and digital devices & applications in daily life
  4. practicing digital ethics
Aside from completing their modules, I believe that these new batch of ALS learners have to complete a Portfolio that demonstrates their acquired knowledge and skills. With the alignment of the ALS curriculum with the K to 12, it will only mean that the coming A&E examination will be full of substance and structure, more difficult in other words. However, graduates of ALS are expected to be more competitive and ready for the rigorous world of Senior High School and Higher Studies.
Good luck to the new batch of ALS learners, A&E and PEPT test takers!

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